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Product update

We produce a range of hi-​tech models of different length for professional BX-​racing.
The boards have a modern construction:
— sandwich construction,
— the light rocker of nose and tail,
— multi-​radius sidecut,
— wrapped edge.

The best hard technologies in soft boot geometry.
















154 BX7-12 m138 cm29.5 cm24.5 cm27.8 cm3.7 cm48-56 cm
158 BX8-13 m142 cm29.5 cm24.5 cm27.8 cm3.7 cm48-56 cm
162 BX9-14 m146 cm29.5 cm24.5 cm27.7 cm5.8 cm50-58 cm
162 BX Wide9 -14 m146 cm30.5 cm25.6 cm28.9 cm5.8 cm50-58 cm
165 BX10-15 m149 cm29.5 cm24.5 cm27.7 cm6.8 cm51-59 cm
165 BX Wide10 -15 m149 cm31.5 cm26.6 cm29.9 cm6.8 cm51-59 cm




Kevlar-​carbon sandwich construction provides amazing grip and stability in turns and low vibration levels. 

Price:   600 €


World Cup

The Titanal construction is improved with two new technologies: Phenol Sidewalls and Tail Reinforcement by Vectran and Kevlar. This makes snowboards of the World Cup line even more suited to the demands of the racecourse.  Except wide. 

Price:   900 €






All the boards have three basic levels of stiffness:  S (Soft), M (Medium), H (Hard).



The standard BX tune edge angle is 0° base and –2° (88°) from the side.



NCB (Nano Carbon Base) for choice.

N — NCB (Nano Carbon Base). The base is universal, but preferably for cold temperature.


Super-​fast specialized racing bases W, F, M (+50 €with a high content of graphite having glide significantly higher, than usual sintered graphite base (for 162 BX Wide and 165 BX Wide only NCB).

W  IS NHS race 7520. Special racing base for warm and damp weather conditions (-4 °C & warmer, >80% humidity).

— IS NHS race 7825. A special racing base is for cold and dry weather (-12 °C & colder, <50%).

M  IS NHS race 7816. Special running base is for medium temperature (-4 °C to –12 °C, 50 – 80% humidity).




Inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.




Topsheet WHITE sparkles - 30 EUR; BLACK sparkles - 80 EUR
for snowboards with a maximum width of 32 cm




Topsheet P34 - 40 EUR; BLACK - 90 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, texture mesh, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 28 cm


Topsheet P19 - 40 EUR; BLACK - 90 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, ripple texture, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 29 cm


The customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo  


Colored sliding base for the topsheet — 50 € (except for fiberglass models)

For all snowboards up to 310 mm wide:


For all snowboards up to 320 mm wide:

To buy a snowboard you need to write directly to us

Для покупки товара с доставкой в РФ, пожалуйста, напишите нам на почту (можно на русском).

Щоб купити товар з доставкою в Україну, будь ласка, напишіть нам на пошту (можна українською).



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