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Our snowboards and skis are made of high-​quality materials. Providing that use and storage recommendations are adhered to, they withstand the workloads for several seasons. In support of this, we offer a 15-​month warranty for all our products.

This warranty applies only to the first owner and cannot be transferred to another person (including the buyer of a user under the Warranty product).

However, strong impact damages from the side, behind or front caused by such solid objects like stones, glass or metal will not only do inevitable harm to the appearance of the board or skis but can also disrupt the structural integrity of the board or skis at once or when in use. Keep your snowboard and skis away from strikes of other skiers’ equipment, from falls on a hard surface or other aggressive mechanical impacts.

We reserve the right to refuse the warranty repairs if the impact damage is obvious. Such as you can see in the example below.

Excluded from coverage under this warranty is the following: the damages that took place during transportation, storage or improper use of the product, ordinary wear and tear, under maintenance or modifying.

The warranty does not cover the damages caused by misuse, carelessness or damages showing the evidence of nonprofessional repair.

Also, please bear in mind that the warranty does not cover the insert blocks of the “Freecarve” snowboard line with Titanal design (Titanal FC, World Cup). If you anticipate that your snowboarding style or other circumstances can cause the mentioned breakdowns, we recommend you the option “Additional strengthening of Titanal constructions”. In this case, you get the full warranty for the insert blocks. The price of this option is 100 €.

Warranty exclusions

There are the following warranty exclusions:

  • damages caused by transportation or improper storage
  • damages caused by improper mounting or adjustment of the bindings
  • damages caused by abuse, misuse or neglect
  • damages caused by self-​modification and making changes
  • damages showing the evidence of nonprofessional repair
  • damages caused by knocks and bumps
  • damages caused by falling
  • damages caused by ordinary wear and tear
  • damages of the insert blocks of the “Freecarve” snowboard line with Titanal design (Titanal FC и World Cup)
  • damages caused by improper riding (jumping on the snowboards designed to slalom)
  • minor deviations and damage not affecting the use of the product

In case the product needs warranty repair, the buyer sends it at his own expense. We shall return the repaired product on the company expense. If the repair is not covered by warranty the product will be delivered back to the buyer at his own expense.


Each snowboard has its own limit strength, therefore we strongly recommend following the directions for use. The snowboards are designed only for running on slopes, so it is prohibited to do the following:

- flex strongly the tail/​nose of the snowboard;

- dig into the soft snow on high speed;

- make strong jumps, landing on the nose of the board when moving down on high speed.

Any falls of a rider can also result in the board damage.

 With all the advantages of phenol, it also has disadvantages. Phenol is very hard but very brittle and any side impact will cause the sidewall to crack.




We encourage you to exploit the equipment carefully. To prolong the life of your snowboard and skis, please read our use and storage recommendations.

Please be reminded that there are definite board models for different riding styles!



While riding the sports boards, there is always a chance to touch stubbies. As a result, pieces of plastic become obstructed under Titanal, such damages are not covered by the guarantee.

To protect the Board from such damages, edge must be sharpened at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. We do this before sale!


This is overload problem. Soft or wet snow. When the nose stopped and body continue forward going. By this action bindings move up sandwich construction


Delamination by nose overload. This is not a guarantee



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