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Product update

This is the technologically most advanced line of our products.

All the boards have a modern construction:
— sandwich construction,
— nose and tail rocker,
— multi-​radius sidecut and maximum effective length of an edge due to the stubby nose
— aluminum tail-​bar,
— monoblock inserts,
— wrapped edge.

Sports Series snowboards are developed for the requirements of professional racers and can be customized with a lot of options.



Length/ NameTitanalWorld Cup-regular woodcoreWorld Cup 2_paWorld Cup 2_pbWorld Cup 2_baWorld Cup 3 ultra narrowAllflex narrowAllflex wideContactRadiusNoseWaistTailSetbackStance
151 SL+-----+-139 cm7-10 m25.2 cm18.9 cm23.5 cm5 cm44-52 cm
154 SL+-----+-142 m7-10.5 m25.7 cm19.3 cm24.0 cm5 cm44-52 cm
157 SL++++-++-145 cm7-11 m25.7 cm18.9 cm23.5 cm5.5 cm44-52 cm
157 SL Wide++++-+  +  -145 cm7-11 m26.2 cm19.5 cm24.1 cm5.5 cm44-52 cm
162 SL++++-++-150 cm7-12 m25.7 cm19.5 cm24.0 cm5 cm46-54 cm
162 SL F1-+++-++-150 cm13 m25.0 cm19.5 cm22.9 cm5 cm46-54 cm
162 SL Wide-+++-+++150 cm7-12 m27.0 cm20.6 cm25.1 cm5 cm46-54 cm
163 SL-+++-++-153 cm11.6 m25.1 cm19.2 cm23.1 cm5 cm46-54 cm
163 SL Wide-+++-++-153 cmcustom ( 14m>step 0.1m>11.6m)25.9 cm20.0 cm23.9 cm5 cm46-54 cm
164 SL++++-++-152 cm7-12 m25.8 cm20.3 cm25.0 cm5 cm46-54 cm
172 GS+---+-+-160 cm9-17 m23.9 cm19.6 cm22.4 cm4.5 cm44-52 cm
173 GS (girl)++--+-+-163 cm10.5-18 m24.3 cm20.0 cm22.7 cm4.5 cm44-52 cm
177 GS (woman)+++++-+-165 cm11-18 m23.5 cm19.0 cm21.9 cm5 cm44-52 cm
177 GS Wide+++++-+-165 cm11-18 m24.6 cm20.2 cm23.0 cm5 cm44-52 cm
180 GS++--+-+-168 cm11-17 m25.0 cm19.8 cm23.0 cm7 cm46-54 cm
180 GS Wide-++++-++168 cm12-19 m25.0 cm20.5 cm23.3 cm7 cm46-54 cm
185 GS (man)+++++-+-173 cm12-21 m24.5 cm19.7 cm22.8 cm8 cm46-54 cm
185 GS Wide-++++-++173 cm12-21 m26.2 cm21.5 cm24.4 cm46-54 cm
186 GS-++++-+-172 cm19.1 m25.0 cm20.1 cm22.7 cm6 cm46-54 cm
189 GS-++++-+-179 cm21 m25.0 cm20.0 cm22.8 cm7.5 cm46-54 cm
190 GS+++++-+-178 cm12.5-23 m24.4 cm19.7 cm22.7 cm8 cm46-54 cm
190 GS Wide-++++-++178 cm12.5-23 m26.2 cm21.5 cm24.4 cm46-54 cm


 The complex poly-​composite structure provides necessary edge grip, quick rebound, full damping and “smoothing” the slope condition. Snowboards designed like this are particularly quiet, comfortable ride, reliable on steep and icy slopes.

Price:   800 €


World Cup regular woodcore 

The Titanal construction is improved with two new technologies: Phenol Sidewalls and Tail Reinforcement by Vectran and Kevlar. This makes snowboards of the World Cup line even more suited to the demands of the racecourse.

This configuration comprises applying specialized bases W, F, M with a high content of graphite, that having glide significantly higher, than usual graphite base.

Price:   900 €


World Cup 2_PA narrow strip woodcore    &  World Cup 2_PB narrow strip woodcore


Updated version! The more narrow strip has less vibration within ride & more stability as regular woodcore.


Woodcore poplar/​ash — 5 mm lath! Boards up to 192 cm only. PA– is very comfortable.

Woodcore poplar/​beech — 5 mm lath! Boards up to 192 cm only. PB is more aggressive and stiff.


While on the surface the World Cup 2_​pa may look like a regular World Cup, it is a completely different construction.

This configuration comprises applying specialized bases W, F, M with a high content of graphite, that having glide significantly higher, than usual graphite base.

Price:   1000 €




World Cup 2_ba narrow strip woodcore


Woodcore Beech/​Ash — 5 mm lath! For GS boards.

Price:   1000 €



World Cup 3 ultra narrow strip woodcore


Woodcore beech — 2.5 mm lath only for SL
Price:   1100 €



You can choose one of three levels: Hard, Medium and Soft.

GS World cup:

65 – 75 kg

M+ 70 – 80 kg

80 – 90 kg

H+ 90+ kg



Standard SL/​GS tune edge angle is –4° (86°), base — 0°.

While riding the sports boards, there is always a chance to touch stubbies. As a result, pieces of plastic become obstructed under Titanal, such damages are not covered by the guarantee.

To protect the Board from such damages, the sidewall must be sharpened at an angle of approximately 15 – 17 degrees. We do this before the sale!




Specialized bases W, F, M for World cup — free, for other versions — 50 €.

Graphite bases N, G, P is free for all constructions.


W  IS NHS race 7520. Special racing base for warm and damp weather conditions (-4 °C & warmer, >80% humidity).

— IS NHS race 7825. A special racing base is for cold and dry weather (-12 °C & colder, <50%).

M  IS NHS race 7816. Special running base is for medium temperature (-4 °C to –12 °C, 50 – 80% humidity).

N — NCB (Nano Carbon Base). The base is universal, but preferably for cold temperature.

G Graphite Race (IS NHS). The base is universal, but preferably to be used for warm weather conditions.

P  Perlatech (non ISOSPORT base). This universal base has no strict demand to be waxed regularly.


Please note, that the base W slides badly at hard frost when the temperature is about –20 °C, and F base is bad for warm and wet snow.

All our base have black color with white our logo die-​cut. It’s standard version




Inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.


Stance options

Custom stance — 75 €.


Plates compatibility

You can choose for free one of the following plate compatible insert layouts: Vist or Allflex.

The second set of inserts on the same board costs 100 €



Topsheet WHITE sparkles - 30 EUR; BLACK sparkles - 80 EUR
for snowboards with a maximum width of 32 cm




Topsheet P34 - 40 EUR; BLACK - 90 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, texture mesh, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 28 cm


Topsheet P19 - 40 EUR; BLACK - 90 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, ripple texture, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 29 cm


The customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo  


Colored sliding base for the topsheet — 50 € (except for fiberglass models)

For all snowboards up to 310 mm wide:


For all snowboards up to 320 mm wide:

To buy a snowboard you need to write directly to us

Для покупки товара с доставкой в РФ, пожалуйста, напишите нам на почту (можно на русском).

Щоб купити товар з доставкою в Україну, будь ласка, напишіть нам на пошту (можна українською).


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