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The Onedge Style Freecarving line represents a variety of models of different lengths, width, and geometry. Universal or highly specialized, with different “temperaments” they suit any style and answer any preferences of a rider.

Our snowboards are of following modern constructions:
— sandwich construction;
— specifically chosen rocker/​camber combination for each model;
— maximum effective edge due to the short nose;
— aluminum tail-​bar,
— monoblock inserts,
— wrapped edge.


  About models


Length/ NameFiberglassCarbonKevlarTitanalWorld Cup-regular woodcoreWorld Cup 2_paWorld Cup 2_pbNoseWaistTailRadiusSetbackStance
151 Bastard--+++++19.8 cm14.7 cm20.2 cm8-11 m1.5 cm45-53 cm
158 FC--+++++22.6 cm17.0 cm21.2 cm10-12 m1.0 cm45-53 cm
158 Flame--+++++21.0 cm16.9 cm21.0 cm12 m0 cm45-53 cm
161 Tundra--+++++20.2 cm15.0 cm21.0 cm8-12 m0 cm45-53 cm
161 FC--+++++23.4 cm17.0 cm23.5 cm9 m1.0 cm45-53 cm
161 CDB--+++++23.4 cm18.0 cm23.4 cm-12 m1.5 cm45-53 cm
161 Bulat+--+---25.6 cm21.2 cm25.0 cm12.1 m0 cm46-54 cm
164 FC--+++++25.6 cm19.2 cm24.1 cm8-12 m4.5 cm45-53 cm
168 FC--+++++22.3 cm16.0 cm22.8 cm8-11.7 m1 cm45-53 cm
168 Bulat+--+---26.5 cm22.1 cm26.0 cm12.7 m0 cm46-54 cm
169 FC--+++++25.5 cm19.2 cm25.4 cm9-13 m0.5 cm45-53 cm
169 Loony--+++++22.6 cm16.8 cm22.6 cm9-12 m1.5 cm45-53 cm
170 FC--+++++21.3 cm16.9 cm21.2 cm9-15 m0 cm45-53 cm
172 FC--+++++23.5 cm17.0 cm21.9 cm9-12 m2.4 cm45-53 cm
173-1-++++++22.9 cm17.5 cm22.3 cm9-16 m1.5 cm45-53 cm
173-2-++++++25.5 cm18.5 cm24.2 cm9-14 m3.0 cm45-53 cm
173-3-++++++23.5 cm18.0 cm23.7 cm10-13 m3.0 cm45-53 cm
175 FC--+++++24.5 cm18.2 cm23.7 cm9-14 m3.4 cm45-53 cm
175 FC Wide+--+---28.0 cm21.2 cm26.9 cm12-16 m3.0 cm45-53 cm
175 Bulat+--+---27.6 cm23.0 cm27.1 cm13.3 m0 cm46-54 cm
176 FC--+++++24.4 cm18.5 cm23.0 cm10-15 m3.9 cm45-53 cm
177 FC--+++++25.7 cm19.0 cm23.8 cm9-12 m3.5 cm45-53 cm
178 Sputnik--+++++23.7 cm18.0 cm22.9 cm10-14 m3.0 cm45-53 cm
178 Sputnik Wide--+++++25.8 cm20.2 cm25.0 cm10-14 m3.0 cm45-53 cm
180 FC++-++++25.4 cm19.8 cm24.6 cm12-18 m4.2 cm45-53 cm
185 FC--+++++27.5 cm22.9 cm27.2 cm13-21 m0 cm46-54 cm

- 158 FC -

Maneuverable snowboard of classic freecarving geometry. It is a great board for frequent customers of suburban resorts. Being agile and manageable allows maneuvering among other skiers. The board is good for carving tight arcs at medium speed. Multiradius side cut and moderate camber provide an easy start and finish of the turn. In addition, due to the increased length and width, this board is more stable to interns and less demanding on the broken or softened slope compared as an example too, “Bastard” or “unDead”. Suitable for training.

- Flame -

Flame is one of the bestseller snowboards that were reissued during several last years. Having a very special character it does not act instead of the rider by clearly and precisely obeying him. Some rides are happy with it, some are not. This short and agile board makes itself feel like a snowboard of a large size in the sense of stability and grip. The 2014 year model got the most workable camber and stiffness distribution throughout the history of production. This snowboard suits any style and makes the riding consistent and totally under control.

- Tundra -

Aggressive multiradius side cut provokes active riding that combines long and short turns and jumps. A narrow waist makes it possible to switch the edge quickly. The board is very mobile due to its short length and high-technology construction. Highly recommended for the riders who are tired of small slopes.

- 161 FC -

The specific character of this board is based on its 9-meter mono radius sidecut. Sharp drive into and out the turn, fast and sharp, as well as low and high turns at moderate speed. 17 cm Waist provides a relatively quick switch of the edge, and it is not as demanding to the surface quality as narrower models are. This snowboard is good for training and for fun riding.

- 161 CDB -

This snowboard is for speed, highly skilled riding. Nose radius – 9 m, waist and tail radius – 12 m. Nonstandard selection of materials. Limited to a certain extent, flexibility prevents excessive decrease of the turn radius under any load: either at a high speed or landing from jumps. Excellent and steady turning at a high speed; no vibration. Excellent behavior on the ice. The snowboard is only for very good riders. Only they will be able to estimate it.

- 161 Bulat -

The Bulat is a classic snowboard for Eurocarving. High torsional stiffness, special vibration dampening technology. The highest level of grip on a slope and stability at high edge inclinations. Bulat 161 is recommended for lightweight riders and/or for small slopes.

 - 164 FC -

This snowboard is for all occasions, any style and slope. Quick drive into and out of the turn, stable at speed, excellent performance at Euro Carving. Bumps, hardpack or spring snow — this board is good for any surface. Also, this model proved to be very good for amateur races. Great choice for freecarvers who participate in the races, but not yet ready to buy a specialized slalom snowboard.

- 168 FC -

The most pleasant, comfortable, and undemanding model in the lineup. This snowboard will give you the joy of carving, even if you do have not enough time and energy for training, but just have a couple of weekends to spend with your friends and family. The board would just carry you wherever you wish. It initiates and holds the turn sand takes you to new ones. You don’t need any special skills or physical training. Just rely on your own intellection power.

- 168 Bulat -

The Bulat is a classic snowboard for eurocarving. High torsional stiffness, special vibration dampening technology. The highest level of grip and stability is when the edge is put at high angles.

- 169 FC -

The snowboard is for modified Euro Carving geometry. This board has a nonstandard Euro carving sidecut and camber shape, as well as a slightly narrowed waist. Being more agile and controllable than classic EC models, 169 FC maintains optimal for Euro curve geometry and grip.


The model is for medium to high-level riders and is the tool for transforming your riding skills into pure pleasure achieved just from riding. As its longer contact length makes it possible to ride at a high speed even on very hard slopes, the 17 cm waist provides enough stability on a broken surface. At the same time, the board keeps its mobility and responsiveness thanks to multi-radius sidecuts and specially chosen materials.

- 170 FC -

This is an upgraded and improved version of the OES Flame XL. The board retained its stability and predictability, as well as the grip characteristic, comparable with boards featuring longer contact edges. At the same time, we managed to improve the turning performance and facilitate the entry and exit of the arc.

- 172 FC -

A comfortable snowboard for riding at medium and high speed.

- 173-1 -

Snowboard for the technical carving with ellipse sidecut. This board has a tight (9 m) radius on the nose and a very long radius on the tail. This shape provides the ability to enter the turn very quickly, but at the same time, the board keeps excellent traction at high speed. This model is recommended only for experienced riders capable of controlling the longitudinal placement of CG. Careless riding can cause a sudden nose overload and crash.

- 173-2 -

A nice classic freecarving snowboard. Easy to initiate and exit the turn. Stable, crisp, predictable, reliable, with great edge grip.

- 173-3 -

A nice classic freecarving snowboard. Easy to initiate and exit the turn. Stable, crisp, predictable, reliable, with great edge grip

- 175 FC - 176 FC -

A snowboard for high-speed riding.

- 175 Bulat -

The Bulat is a classic snowboard for Eurocarving. High torsional rigidity, special vibration dampening technology. The highest level of grip and stability at high edge inclinations. Bulat 175 is recommended for heavyweight riders and/or for carving in big mountains.

- 177 FC -

A snowboard for riding on large slopes.

- 178 SPUTNIK -

Snowboard for comfortable riding in larger arches, suitable for “bomber” style. The board opens up when the speed is built up. High performance is achieved by a combination of specially selected composite materials. Excellent grip and high stability in the turn. Comfort. The board efficiently handles any imperfections of the slope. The best choice for free carving on wider slopes.


This is the wide version of OES Sputnik.

- 180 FC -

A snowboard for long-drawn turns.

- 185 FC - 

A snowboard for large slopes and heavyweight riders.


Each board type has three basic stiffness levels: Soft, Medium and Hard, which cover the entire range from 50 to100 kg. In addition, the stiffness of snowboard could be always customized.

The degree of flex of Spirited construction Snowboards is always hard or higher.



Standard SL/​GS tune edge angle is 2° (88°), base — 0°.



Special W, F, M bases are free for Team Edition, for other versions — 50 €.

Graphite bases N, G, P are free for all constructions.


W  IS NHS race 7520. Special racing base for warm and damp weather conditions (-4 °C & warmer, >80% humidity).

— IS NHS race 7825. A special racing base is for cold and dry weather (-12 °C & colder, <50%).

M  IS NHS race 7816. Special running base is for medium temperature (-4 °C to –12 °C, 50 – 80% humidity).

N — NCB (Nano Carbon Base). The base is universal, but preferably for cold temperature.

G Graphite Race (IS NHS). The base is universal, but preferably to be used for warm weather conditions.

P  Perlatech (non ISOSPORT base). This universal base has no strict demand to be waxed regularly.


Please note, that the base W slides badly at hard frost when the temperature is about –20 °C, and F base is bad for warm and wet snow.

All our base have black color with white our logo die-​cut. It’s standard version




Inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.


Compatibility with race plates

Vist” inserts for “Bulat” series — 50


Stance options

Custom stance — 75 €. 



Light construction makes the behavior of these snowboards understandable and predictable. For each model, we use the changeable combination of several types of fiberglass fabric of different density and interweaving as well as the core composed of appropriate species of wood.
The boards of this construction are good for newcomers and for those who prefer smooth riding.

Price:   350 €




The basic construction of our freecarve snowboards consists of carbon, woodcore and sliding arrow structured base.

Depending on the purpose of the model and in order to achieve the precise behavior of the board, the base model is added with special reinforcing components.

We choose the core composed of appropriate species of wood. Required stiffness is achieved by combining several carbon layers of different density and interweaving. Awesome grip and stability on hardpack is a hallmark of our company and OES snowboards.

These boards have pleasant “massive” rebound useful and helpful in most situations.

Price:   500 €




Maintaining all the advantages of the basic construction our “Aramid Race Composite” technology changes the character of rebound: sharp, quick and strong response makes more fun on small hills but demands a high level of skills especially on difficult slopes.

Price:   600 €



 The complex poly-​composite structure provides necessary edge grip, quick rebound, full damping and “smoothing” the slope condition. Snowboards designed like this are particularly quiet, comfortable ride, reliable on steep and icy slopes.

Price:   800 €

Please bear in mind that there is no warranty for the insert blocks of the “Freecarve” snowboard line with titanal construction (Titanal, World Cup).
There is no strong strengthening of the insert blocks in the correct titanal design. That is why when your feet work on a hard fastening (catek, bomber) and your feet are large in size you can easily pull out the insert blocks. So, if you want to be careful not to pull out the insert blocks you are strongly recommended choosing an option “Additional carbon strengthening of titanal constructions”. The price for this kind of strengthening is €100 in addition to the price of the board. Then your warranty will cover in full the insert blocks.


World Cup regular woodcore 

The Titanal construction is improved with two new technologies: Phenol Sidewalls and Tail Reinforcement by Vectran and Kevlar. This makes snowboards of the World Cup line even more suited to the demands of the racecourse.

This configuration comprises applying specialized bases W, F, M with a high content of graphite, that having glide significantly higher, than usual graphite base.

Price:   900 €


World Cup 2_PA narrow strip woodcore    &  World Cup 2_PB narrow strip woodcore


Updated version! The more narrow strip has less vibration within ride & more stability as regular woodcore.


Woodcore poplar/​ash — 5 mm lath! Boards up to 192 cm only. PA– is very comfortable.

Woodcore poplar/​beech — 5 mm lath! Boards up to 192 cm only. PB is more aggressive and stiff.


While on the surface the World Cup 2_​pa may look like a regular World Cup, it is a completely different construction.

This configuration comprises applying specialized bases W, F, M with a high content of graphite, that having glide significantly higher, than usual graphite base.

Price:   1000 €






Topsheet WHITE sparkles - 30 EUR; BLACK sparkles - 80 EUR
for snowboards with a maximum width of 32 cm




Topsheet P34 - 40 EUR; BLACK - 90 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, texture mesh, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 28 cm


Topsheet P19 - 40 EUR; BLACK - 90 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, ripple texture, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 29 cm


The customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo  


Colored sliding base for the topsheet — 50 € (except for fiberglass models)

For all snowboards up to 310 mm wide:


For all snowboards up to 320 mm wide:

To buy a snowboard you need to write directly to us

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