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Requirements to your own design


If you want to give us your own design for printing, please consider the following requirements:

— CMYK-​colors,
— .tif file format (or .cdr file format), all the fonts, and effects are rasterized, without transparency
— there shall be no board contour and no inserts, the picture should be in the form of a rectangle,
— size of the picture is to be the full-​size board dimensions + oversize: 5 cm on the top and on the bottom and 2.5 cm on each side.
For example, if the board length is 160 cm and the width is 25 cm, the layout should be 170×30 cm.
— Resolution — 300 dpi.
— The file should be divided into parts of 150mb packed in the archive RAR to send to us.


This is an example! It isn’t topsheet to buy!

To make the snowboard looking like this one: 

We need the following layout:   







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