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Edge: 90°, base — 0°
Stiffness: XS (eXtra Soft), S (Soft), M (Medium), H (Hard)
Stiffness FR wide: M (Medium), H (Hard), H+


Basalt fiber produced from stone basalt by +1600С melting and convert to fibers.

Basalt bring to this model maximal flex balanced. It's very important when your snowboard have balanced flex.

Give more snowboard stabilaze at high speed. This is actual for sidecut of this model.

More good damping and more vibration reducing.


 For this model you need space for your rider. The snowboard will ride itself if you will bring free space for it. Minimal your power required for ride. It's the same GS ski or alpine GS snowboard.



— built for soft boots carving

— sandwich construction

— nose & tail wrapped edge

— 4x4 or 5x2 block of inserts (no choice)

— small rocker on the nose and tail

— professional racing sliding base iso 7200

— effective edge length up to 1535 mm

157 SC=>12.7 m1475 mm320 mm280 mm302 mm50 mm51-59 cm
163 SC=>13.5 m1535 mm320 mm280 mm302 mm50 mm51-59 cm


BASALT      760 €  





Professional racing sliding base iso 7200.

Color base - blue, yellow



Customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo

It is possible to print your own picture:

Custom design of topsheet — €180.

Custom design production — €360.



Inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.



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