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Edge: 90°, base — 0°
Stiffness: XS (eXtra Soft), S (Soft), M (Medium), H (Hard)
Stiffness FR wide: M (Medium), H (Hard), H+


Models for riders who love carving, but avoid hardboots.

To produce these models, we used all our experience from building slalom race boards for World Cup and Europe Cup athletes. These are carving snowboards. Intended to be used with regular soft bindings and regular non-​plastic boots. Small rocker on the nose and tail of the board makes it easier to initiate the turn.

Radii and type of sidecut are individual for each model size. Some have regular circular sidecut and some have elliptical sidecut. All models have high torsional stiffness, which is very important for carving turns. It is basically what differentiates these boards from other brands. Due to high torsional stiffness these models have perfect stability at high speed and carved turns including changing radius carving turn.

Stiffness started ranges from XS and up to finished H+. 

Our factory is focused on producing race models, thus we only have worldcup-level base material. So, we used the same world-cup-level base material for these models as well. Even for the ones with fiberglass construction.

Fiberglass construction is our budget-friendly version.

Kevlar construction provides much more power and stiffness.


— built for soft boots carving

— sandwich construction

— whole woodcore (poplar/ beech )

— 9mm ABS sidewall

— nose & tail wrapped edge

— 4x4 or 5x2 block of inserts (no choice)

— small rocker on the nose and tail

— professional racing sliding base 

— rubber layer under the edge that allows for reduced vibration

 —one of the designs from our design library





145 FR 6.8 m 121.5 cm29.2 cm 23.9 cm 29.2 cm3 cm45-53 cm
150 FR 7.1 m 126 cm29.8 cm24.3 cm 29.8 cm3 cm46-54 cm
155 FR 8.4 m  128.5 cm29.3 cm 24.6 cm 29.3 cm3 cm50-58 cm
157 FR Wide 11.7 m  133 cm 31.8 cm 27.2 cm 30 cm 4 cm50-58 cm
159 FR10 m 134 cm30.9 cm 26.0 cm 29.9 cm3 cm50-58 cm
162 FR 9-14 m 137 cm28.4 cm 24.5 cm 27.8 cm4 cm50-58 cm
162 FR Wide 9-14 m 137 cm32.0 cm 28.1 cm 31.4 cm 3 cm50-58 cm
165 FR 10-15 m  140 cm28.4 cm 24.5 cm27.8 cm3 cm50-58 cm
165 FR Wide 10-15 m 140 cm32.0 cm 28.1 cm 31.4 cm3 cm51-59 cm


Specially selected types of wood provide riders with good rebound and comfort. For each model we use a combination of several types of fabric to adjust longitudinal and torsional stiffness.

This construction is available for all FR boards.

580 €  


More power and elasticity of the board, more grip, and stability within the turn.

780 €



K -  ISO 7200  

X — IS NHS R3428FIS 2024 approved  ( +60 €)

V —  IS NHS Graphite. FIS 2024 approved  ( +60 €)




Inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.


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