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Product update


Topsheet WHITE sparkles - 40 EUR; BLACK sparkles - 100 EUR
for snowboards with a maximum width of 32 cm




Topsheet P34 - 100 EUR; BLACK - 160 EUR
transparent topsheet, picture inside, texture mesh, scratch-​resistant, for snowboards with a maximum width of 28 cm

Topsheet P19 - 100 EUR BLACK P19 - 160 EUR
 transparent topsheet, picture inside, ripple texture, scratch-​resistant




The customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo. Board Fiberglass — logo without the flag.

We propose as an option to change the topsheet to a single color sliding base that will be twice stronger and thicker than the ordinary one. 

Colored sliding base for the topsheet — €60 (except for fiberglass models)

For all snowboards up to 310 mm wide:

For example:    


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