Tx Junior Pro
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The Tx Junior Pro Transmitter is a portable battery-​powered device that triggers the Freelap Stopwatch and FxChip. A single Tx Junior Pro can be used to time laps, or a single Tx Junior Pro can be used in combination with the Tx Touch Pro, or a pair of Tx Junior Pro transmitters can be used to time short sprints.

The Tx Junior Pro can emit 3 magnetic modes:
START : reset the time (start a time block)
LAP : record a lap (intermediate)
FINISH : record a lap and send the time block by radio

  • Accuracy: 2/​100 seconds”
  • Detection distance: 1.5 meters
  • Batteries: 2 x LR6 (AA). Alkaline. 2.2 A.h
  • Lifetime battery : 300 hours
  • Water resistant



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