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promoSwiss company Freelap offers user-​friendly timing system for different sports.

The system consists of several kinds of transmitters-​radiators of signals that catch individual wrist watch-​timer of each sportsman.

The timer is launched from the start, fixes passing by intermediate poles sportsmen and summarizes time after passing the finish.
- The number of sportsmen on the track at the same time is not limited
- You should not worry that someone else passes your finish line
- You don’t need to tune and radio-​synchronize the modules before training
- The track can be of any length and relief and do not need good visibility between the modules of the system
- It can be any number of intermediate points of time measuring on different parts of the track
- All the results of a sportsman are kept in the memory of his individual timer
- Accuracy of measurement is 0,02 second

Alpine snowboard and ski

In order to create a timing system for the slalom track you will need one or several personal Stopwatch timers with shocks protecting arm band, one complect for each sportsman. You will also need at least two beacon transmitters; for winter sports are used Tx Gate for a starting gate and Tx Power 5 for finish. For intermediate beacons, Tx Power can be used as well, but we recommend tight and compact Tx Junior Pro. Wrist timers are also sensitive to their signals; they are waterproof and can run in freezing temperatures.

Tx Junior Pro gives way only in the range of cover which is strictly 1,5 meters compared to 5 meters of Tx Power. In practice, it means that it will be necessary to pass a pole with a beacon as close as possible stretching the hand with a timer-​watch close to it. Normally it is not a problem for regularly training sportsmen. You can also use Tx Junior Pro at the first and the last flags instead of the start and finish gates in case you need maximum easy, light and low-​cost timing systems for everyday training.


Arm band

Tx Gate

Tx Junior Pro

Tx Power

Every transmitter on and the track and each sportsman with an individual timer will be fully independent no matter what Freelap modules form your kit.

All you need to do for tuning and use of the system is to switch on all its elements and switch them off after you finish training. You can start and finish in any order and with any intervals, leave the track and return when you give the way to a person who “got up to you” and to check the time of the current and previous runs while being on the lift.

Training statistics storage

Use the IRDA to download information from your Stopwatch to your PC.

IrDA USB interface

Track & field and MTB/BMX

For summer sports besides the above-​mentioned watch-​timer and transmitter Tx Junior Pro the company Freelap offers a special start transmitter Tx Touch, stopwatch belt for sprinter runners and bicycle mount support.


Stopwatch belt

Tx Touch start

Tx Junior Pro

Bike support


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