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158,162,167 Twin Tip

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Our company manufactures the line of Freecarve snowboards of the following construction types:
Fiberglass (€350)
Carbon (€500)
Kevlar (€600)
Titanal (€800)
Detailed descriptions of each type you can find on Freecarve Overview page.

There are three stiffness levels for the standard constructions: Soft, Medium, Hard. Materials and longitudinal assignment of stiffness are precisely tailored and calibrated for each type in stock. For this reason, the board works properly in accordance with its intended character.

If you want to order the snowboard created especially for you and tailored to your personal needs and requirements we recommend the «Premium-​class snowboard» service.

Briefly about this service

This service was introduced only by the popular demand of our customers. It allows a Customer to order the snowboard that will meet his individual requirements to the technical specifications. If the Customer has no precise requirements he can send us the information on his weight, height, style, and manner of riding as well as his “snowboard character” preferences. We shall develop a tailor-​made construction that matches the specified parameter sand create a snowboard satisfying all the wishes of the Customer.
Please note! The service does not include custom-​made geometry, individual topsheet, and base design. These options are to be paid for separately. If for some reason the Premium class snowboard does not meet the expectations of the customer it will be changed within 10 days beginning from the day of receiving the snowboard by the customer.

Delivery information

Delivery of ordered snowboard should be paid by the Customer.
Return shipping of snowboard from Customer to Manufacturer should be paid by Customer.
Delivery of amended snowboard from Manufacturer to Customer is carried out by the Manufacturer at his own expense.

Service price — €1500

If you order a Premium-​class snowboard our specialists will gladly help you to choose the optimal stiffness for your board taking into consideration your weigh, experience and all your wishes.


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