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158,162,167 Twin Tip



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  • 169 cm; R 912 m
  • 22.616.822.6 cm, look
  • Universal fun freecarving snowboard

The model is for medium to high level riders and is the tool for transformingyour riding skills into pure pleasure achieved just from riding.

As its longer contact length makes it possible to ride at a high speed even on very hard slopes, the 17 cm waist provides enough stability on a broken surface.
At the same time the board keeps its mobility and responsiveness thanks to multi-​radius sidecut and specially chosen materials.






(Special warranty conditions)


World Cup

(Special warranty conditions)


Topsheet options

Black topsheet with OES logo for FC snowboards (except for the world cup) — 50.

Can’t be used on board: 151 unDead World Cup, 151 Bastard World Cup, 158 FC World Cup, Flame World Cup, Tundra World Cup, 161 FC World Cup, 161 CDB World Cup, 164 FC World Cup, 168 FC World Cup, 169 FC World Cup, Loony World Cup, 170 FC World Cup, 172 FC World Cup, 1731 World Cup, 1732 World Cup, 1733 World Cup, 175 FC World Cup, 176 FC World Cup, 177 FC World Cup, Sputnik World Cup, Sputnik wide World Cup, 180 FC World Cup.

There is NO WAY to produce: 175 Wide, 175 Bulat, 185 FC.

Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:


The Loony is for lunatics — in a good way! First thing that strikes is the geometry — only 17cm at the waist, but that’s not all! This board, as well as the 170/​19, has significant flare (reversed taper) and very stiff nose. It took me about 2 runs to realise that it doesn’t like finishing the turns across the hill, nor cross-​under /​cross-​through technique. As long as I rode cross over, presured the nose and allowed the tail to do the loading-​offloading, the board sling-​shoted me from ege to edge in crazyy fun pace and tight turns. I found this style of riding more suitable for flatter terrain.


Vancouver, Canada


We recommend!

We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.


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A snowboard comes to a state of its normal stiffness only after at least 10 hours of active ride.
Compound of resin and materials should become more elastic and flexible.

Premium-class snowboard

As you can see, we offer a very wide variety of ready-​to-​buy model versions: 4 construction types and 3 stiffness degrees, each of which has precisely tailored and tested components.

However, if you need a personal approach, there is a special service…
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