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OES FlameFlame is one of the bestseller snowboards that were reissued during several last years. Having a very special character it does not act instead of the rider by clearly and precisely obeys him. Some rides are happy with it, some are not.

This short and agile board makes itself felt as a snowboard of a large size in the sense of stability and grip. The 2014 year model got the most workable camber and stiffness distribution throughout the history of production. This snowboard suits any style and makes the riding consistent and totally under control.


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We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.


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A snowboard comes to a state of its normal stiffness only after at least 10 hours of active ride.
Compound of resin and materials should become more elastic and flexible.

Premium-class snowboard

As you can see, we offer a very wide variety of ready-​to-​buy model versions: 4 construction types and 3 stiffness degrees, each of which has precisely tailored and tested components.

However, if you need a personal approach, there is a special service…
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