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158,162,167 Twin Tip

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Its different materials glued between.
Inserts need to be only inside woodcore. ONLY and ONLY.

This is woodcore have not to place for more wide (Wide/​GS AllFlex) inserts installation.
We can not install it on the sidewall.

Different snowboard/​ski makers have different sidewall width. More width is more expensive for the prime cost. As the snowboard Producer, we have our opinion about “property” construction. We use a much more width sidewall
that others. It’s our Opinion. We pay much more money for materials to produce YOUR boards for much more QUALITY of these boards. Please have respect for it.

While riding the sports boards there is always a chance to touch stubbies. As a result, pieces of plastic become obstructed under Titanal , such damages are not covered by the guarantee.

To protect the Board from such damages, edge must be sharpened at an angle of approximately 30 degrees. We do this before sale!

Real radius is equal to the side radius of the board * cos of the angle(we do not take into account that the board will bend thus reducing this radius, and we can’t calculate this bending as it depends on many factors.

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