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New models 2020-2021


158,162,167 Twin Tip

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All our snowboards waxed at the factory. You do not need to wax a new snowboard.
Factory waxing is enough for 12 riding days.

As a result of incorrect an exploitation and, as a consequence, overloading of the board’s nose, the following types of damage may occur on inserts:

Amag company has taken titanal 0,3 mm out of production. They refuse to produce it even against the order of 1000 kg, which is a big purchase quantity for this material. There is no longer any possibility to buy it. Now we use the rests for our production. Titanal 0,3 mm automatically turns into a rare and scarce material.

That is why we have to raise the prices for the models that contain titanal 0,3 mm.

We shall modernize these models in order to use the titanal thickness modifications that Amag can produce.

We do not economize and do not use cheap materials.


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