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Please note that the new snowboard comes to a state of its normal stiffness only after at least 10 hours of the active ride. A compound of resin and materials should become more elastic and flexible.

So don’t worry if the board seems to be too stiff for the first few days. It will come to the norm soon.

Choosing of snowboard stiffness

Weekend carvers got used to the fact that the weight of a rider determines the stiffness of the snowboard. It’s a mistake. The stiffness of the board is determined by several factors: riding style, experience and only last of all, the weight of the rider. Our company produces snowboards with three types of rigidity: Soft, Medium, Hard.
Conditional range (for freecarve):
Soft 5075
Medium 7590
Hard 90+

The degree of flex of Spirited construction Snowboards is always hard or higher.

These stiff boards are made exclusively for the expert riding level and demand a high level of physical fitness. If your riding abilities cannot be named “expert” it’s better not to choose this snowboard filling.

Don’t try to flex the board with the help of your legs!

Snowboard speed control is achieved by speed and tilt angle.

We do not provide a service of personal help in choosing the model of our boards. We can foresee neither what board you would like to ride nor your personal riding style.

Please consider your physical abilities as well as: your riding style, steepness of slopes, speed and weigh. And then choose the stiffness of the board by yourself giving just the indicating marker (S, M, H). It is not necessary to inform us of your weight if you order a snowboard with standard stiffness.


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