Choice of racing base


Waxed snowboards for season safekeeping

Those who buy the board in spring or summer start to wax it (apply wax on the base of the board) in order to conserve it till winter. We offer the boards with waxed base, all ready for long-​term storage. Free

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We use only high-​quality racing bases for our snowboards.
Each base type has a label in letters which is shown in the serial number of the board.

N —
NCB (Nano Carbon Base). Base is universal, but preferably for cold temperature.
G Graphite Race (IS NHS). The base is universal, but preferably to be used for warm weather conditions.

W IS NHS race 7520. Special racing base for warm and damp weather conditions ( –4°C & warmer, >80% humidity).
M IS NHS race 7816. Special running base is for medium temperature (-4°C to –12°C, 5080% humidity).
F IS NHS race 7825. A special racing base is for coldand dry weather (-12°C & colder, <50%).

Please note, that the base W slides badly at hard frost when the temperature is about 20°C, аnd F base is bad for warm and wet snow.

P Perlatech (non ISOSPORT base). This universal base has no strict demand be waxed regularly.

Сolored base — 100 € (Except models BX & FS, 175 Wide, 175 Bulat, 185 FC)