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Phenol racing snowboards

A new construction — special for professional racers!

We have improved our slalom and GS snowboards with two new technologies: Phenol Sidewalls and Tail Reinforcement by Vectran and Kevlar. Through this, the snowboards of the World Cup line is much better adapted to the racer’s requirements on the track.


This configuration comprises applying specialized bases W, F, M with a high content of graphite, that having glide significantly higher, than usual graphite​base.
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In this configuration is available following models: 157 SL, 162 SL, 175 GS, 177 GS, 180 GS, 185 GS.
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Price: 900, VAT incl.

Phenolic sidewallsTail reinforcementRubber antivibration

We recommend!

We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.


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