185 GS Wide


Waxed snowboards for season safekeeping

Those who buy the board in spring or summer start to wax it (apply wax on the base of the board) in order to conserve it till winter. We offer the boards with waxed base, all ready for long-​term storage. Free

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OES 190 GS

  • 185 cm; R 1221 m
  • 26.221.524.4 cm, look
  • Giant slalom
  • Camber World Cup — 15mm



World Cup


Topsheet options

Black topsheet with OES logo for 185 GS Wide — 150

Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:

You can choose for free one of the following
plate compatible insert layouts: Vist, UPM, Allflex.

Snowboard is compatible with a wide Allflex version

A second set of inserts on the same board costs 100