Slalom & Giant Slalom boards
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This is the technologically most advanced line of our products.
All the boards have a modern construction:
— sandwich construction,
— nose and tail rocker,
— multi-​radius sidecut and maximum effective length of edge due to the stubby nose
— aluminium tail-​bar,
— monoblock inserts,
— wrapped edge.
Sports Series snowboards are developed for the requirements of professional racers, and can be customized with lot of options.

Model range



Radius (инфо)

Nose – Waist –Tail
Setback Stance
151 SL 139 cm 710 m 25.218.923.5 cm 5 cm 4452 cm
154 SL 142 cm 710.5 m 25.719.324.0 cm 5 cm 4452 cm
157 SL 145 cm 711 m 25.718.923.5 cm 5.5 cm 4452 cm
157 SL Wide 145 cm 711 m 26.219.524.1 cm 5.5 cm 4452 cm
162 SL 150 cm 712 m 25.719.524.0 cm 5 cm 4654 cm
162 SL_​F1 150 cm 13 m 25.019.522.9 cm 5 cm 4654 cm
162 SL Wide 150 cm 712 m 27.020.625.1 cm 5 cm 4654 cm
164 SL 152 cm 712 m 25.820.325.0 cm 5 cm 4654 cm
172 GS 160 cm 917 m 23.919.622.4 cm 4.5 cm 4452 cm
175 GS girl 163 cm 10.518 m 24.320.022.7 cm 4.5 cm 4452 cm
177 GS woman 165 cm 1118 m 23.519.021.9 cm 5 cm 4452 cm
177 GS Wide 165 cm 1118 m 24.620.223.0 cm 5 cm 4452 cm
180 GS boy 168 cm 1219 m 25.020.523.3 cm 7 cm 4654 cm
185 GS man 173 cm 1221 m 24.519.722.8 cm 8 cm 4654 cm
185 GS Wide 1221 m 26.221.524.4 cm
190 GS 178 cm 12.523 m 24.419.722.7 cm 8 cm 4654 cm
190 GS Wide 12.523 m 26.221.524.4 cm




Complex poly-​composite structure provides necessary edge grip, quick rebound, full damping and “smoothing” the slope condition. Snowboards designed like this are particularly quiet, comfortable ride, reliable on a steep and icy slopes.

Price: 800 €, VAT incl. (only board)



The light construction with double Titanal and antivibration layers makes board comfortable, stable and grippy on hard surfaces.

The following models are available in this configuration: 151 SL and 154 SL
Price: 800 €, VAT incl. (only board)

World Cup


The Titanal construction is improved with two new technologies: Phenol Sidewalls and Tail Reinforcement by Vectran and Kevlar. This makes the snowboards of the World Cup line even more suited to the demands of the race course.

This configuration comprises applying specialized bases W, F, M with a high content of graphite, that having glide significantly higher, than usual graphite base.
Description of base types >

The following models are available in this configuration: 157 SL, 162 SL, 164 SL, 175 GS, 177 GS, 180 GS, 185 GS.
For freecarving boards we have a special version of this construction.
Price: 900, VAT incl. (only board)

Options and details:

Plates compatibility

For the models 157 SL, 162 SL and 172190 GS
you can choose for free one of the following
plate compatible insert layouts: Vist, UPM, Allflex.

Please note, that our snowboards are compatible only with
narrow (178mm/​SL) Allflex version.

Snowboards 164 SL, 180GS, 185 GS Wide & 190 GS Wide are compatible with a wide Allflex version.

A second set of inserts on the same board costs 100

The inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.


You can choose one of three levels: Hard, Medium and Soft.

GS World cup:

M 6575 kg

M+ 7080 kg

H 8090 kg

H+ 90+ kg

Edge tune angles

Standart SL/​GS tune edge angle is –4° (86°), base — 0°.

While riding the sports boards there is always a chance to touch stubbies. As a result, pieces of plastic become obstructed under Titanal , such damages are not covered by the guarantee.

To protect the Board from such damages, sidewall must be sharpened at an angle of approximately 1517 degrees. We do this before sale!

Base options

Specialized bases W, F, M for World cup free, for other versions — 50.
Graphite bases N, G, P is free for all constructions.

Сolored base — 100

Stance options

Custom stance — 75.

Topsheet options

Customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo. Board Fiberglass — logo without the flag. We propose as an option to change the topsheet to a single color sliding base that will be twice stronger and thicker than the ordinary one.
Coloured sliding base for the topsheet — 50
Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:

It is possible to print your own picture.
Custom design of topsheet — 150 €.

Carbon under transparent topsheet — 100

Carbon instead of the topsheet — 75

Adapted design from our library — 50 €.


157 SL and 185 GS
Yesterday I rode the SL157 for about 2 hours and GS185 for few runs.
157 is just as great as the 162, in smaller package. I could (in my opinion) be a bit sofet overall if the target was female rider or lightweight/​junior male. It carried my 82kg just fine (din’t have a chance for black runs, though). Mind you, the racers are a lot fitter then old farts like me

185 if very interesting board. It’s been long time since I broke my metaltop Kessler 185, but talking from memory, ride is similar. OES board is damper. Edge hold is hard to compare from memory. Kessler had a bit more “pop”. As far as the geometry goes, it looks that Alexey applied a bit stiffer nose and more camber, then compensated by having a bit more abupt nose upturn. This puts extra edge in contact a bit later but “autopilots” the board a bit more. It seems this alowed me to load the front foot/​nose and stay there, keeping the radius tight. The tail I’d like a bit less upturned, but I totaly can see how this can work well in the race course. The board worked well for me with both Bomber style and modified EC.

— — — — — –
I rode OES SL162 all day long, yesterday. The little board keeps on plesantly surprising me. We had a semi frozen groomed slopes on flatter runs and the same with death cookies on steeper. In the afternoon, it started snowing heavilly, developing in full blizzard by 2pm.
The board held well in hard conditions in the morning, came to full life in slightly softer mid day and was not bothered at all by the huge snowfall in the pm! Tight turns, bigger drawn turns, any pitch, it just performs flawlessly. It seems that generous taper and early nose rise allows for this AM like performance. Nose is beffy enough that it never feels like folding through messier stuff. I figured out how to get more pop out of it, by timing the tail load better. It actually changed the direction ~10deg towards new turn, during the pop, without even trying to do so — fun!

Still to try it with a plate…

— — — — — –
I paired the 185 with my home made “Apex style” plate and the 162 with the Vist (preffered plate by OES themselves).
We had decent snow for about 3 runs in the morning, after that it really slushed up…

OES Shaman GS 185 feels really good with my Plan B home made plate. Smoother, grippy… However, it was too much of a board when snow completely softened… Hopefully, I’ll have some videos/​photos of this.

Charmer SL 162 with Vist plate improved for slush ride, on the medium and steep pitches. I’d prefer it without on the greens. Took it over all 5 of the big park jumps in the pm, when the rest of the crew went home…


Vancouver, Canada


157 SL and 162 SL
It looks like also a oldies . But it rides really well . Moving lively and ride stable . And these boards are not too stiff . These has flexibilities but not too soft and unstable. Good SL boards. Some of our friend racers want to use this one . It looks like also a oldies . But it rides really well . Moving lively and ride stable . And these boards are not too stiff . These has flexibilities but not too soft and unstable. Good SL boards. Some of our friend racers want to use this one .


Sapporo, Japan


We recommend!

We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.


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Please note!

A snowboard comes to a state of its normal stiffness only after at least 10 hours of active ride.
Compound of resin and materials should become more elastic and flexible.