162 BX Wide


Waxed snowboards for season safekeeping

Those who buy the board in spring or summer start to wax it (apply wax on the base of the board) in order to conserve it till winter. We offer the boards with waxed base, all ready for long-​term storage. Free

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OES 162 BX Wide

  • Length 162 cm; R 914 m
  • Nose – Waist – Tail 30.525.628.9 cm
  • Contact 146 cm Setback 5.8 cm Stance 5058 cm
  • BoarderX





Selecting topsheet

Customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo.

It is possible to print your own picture.

Custom design of topsheet — 150 €.

Besides we can adapt any graphic design from our library (see at the top).

Adapted design from our library — 50 €.

Carbon instead of the topsheet — 75

Black topsheet with OES logo for BX150

We recommend!

We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.