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Soon, new our SOFT CARVING snowboard line
it will have “AM” name!!!

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Important information! Amag company has taken titanal 0,3 mm out of production. They refuse to produce it even against the order of 1000 kg, which is a big purchase quantity for this material. There is no longer any possibility to buy it. Now we use the rests for our production. Titanal 0,3 mm automatically turns into a rare and scarce material. That is why we have to raise the prices for the models that contain titanal 0,3 mm. We shall modernize these models in order to use the titanal thickness modifications that Amag can produce.

OES Boardercross line

Welcome to the official web-site of the Onedge Style snowboard company!

We manufacture high-​tech Alpine snowboards for racers and freecarvers. Our product line includes models for slalom, giant slalom, eurocarving, bomber and pump styles, as well as Alpine snowboards made in sizes suitable for children.We also offer hardboots and other gear and accessories for carving.

Our snowboards are made in Spain with the use of high-​quality materials and precision equipment.

Snowboard terms

To make it easier to see into the catalog descriptions, we have prepared an illustration of the internal structure of the snowboard.


162 SL

Cousin of Beagle Was really grippy on the frozen hardpack on Thursday night and Friday morning. It never let go. I found out later it has…

178 Sputnik

Masahiko Great. Carving machine. It has soft flex and feel like 170 board. Very nice handling .Excellent edge hold. Waist width is not too much narrow and…

Customizestiffness, rebound, base
for every board

15 months
against breakage

Free shipping
to the USA&Canada,
on all snowboards

2 weekslead time,
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